Very much more than ten years searching has been invested in seeking out the answer to this question. Not, of course, to the exclusion of all else but it has always been there as a problem needing to be solved.

Now, as you probably know already, it is no use whatsoever looking at how snoring happens as a mechanical event; all the pills, potions, gadgets and appliances have no effect whatsoever (unless, of course, they also keep you awake or almost break you neck!)

Schnarchschiene, IST-Schiene

Schnarchschiene, IST-Schiene

The problem with these is that, as with all medical practices, it is the attempt to suppress the effect (in this case the snoring) without even trying to find the cause! As any logical thinker will tell you, this course of action is, long term, foredoomed to failure and can even result in serious illness later. This is the origin of the expressions “incurable” and “chronic” diseases. All that these mean are that suppressing effects (symptoms) whilst ignoring causes is not only not going to work but is also very likely to make matters much worse.

Water fripping into bucket Look at it this way: Water is dripping onto your bedroom floor. Do you put a bucket under it and empty it every few hours for the rest of your life or do you call a plumber to fix the leaky pipe? As you know, if you don’t get the pipe fixed, matters are going to get worse and your bedroom ceiling may fall down.

It is just so with the human body and mind; if you just keep trying to suppress the effects of the problem “emptying the bucket for the rest of your life”, i.e. taking medication or using a walking frame, your problems are just going to get bigger and bigger until they compel you to plan your next incarnation.

To find the cause of the snoring problem we must look at certain aspects of the relationship between a man and the woman at his side, between men and women, and between mankind and womankind. Snoring is an expression of a conflict in the basic structure of life on this world. It is this conflict which we are now about to resolve.

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