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1: The “Why men Snore” handbook and video transmissions download directly from our server to your computer.
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2: Upgrade to the more powerful Goddess Transmissions the details of which you can read here.
a) NTSC video format, mostly N. and parts of S. America (click to order)
b) PAL video format, rest of the world outside Russia, France and territories (click to order)

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3: Inevitably, working with the Goddess Transmissions is going to bring up a lot of destructive beliefs that you’ve accumulated over the years (or maybe even inherited!) Although these will gradually evaporate, there is a tool which will do this for you very quickly. By quickly, I mean minutes instead of weeks!

As it will also bring a whole raft of other benefits, it is certainly a very wise investment for anyone.

You can watch the video and read all about it here.

There are two versions of this product – details are on the webpage.

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