Other Issues


Although there are over 100,000 “illnesses” in the medical catalogue, there are, actually, merely twelve causes! So, for example, chronic over-acidity (usually caused by processed foods) has more than four hundred different “illnesses” or symptom expressions to its name. If you think that this is bad, try this:

City or piped water loses so much of its natural vitality by being pumped through straight pipes that it is essentially dead by the time that it reaches your kitchen. Your blood is 93% water, made from the water which you drink. Dead water makes blood which is almost ineffective in its designed function of carrying nutrients to your cells and metabolic wastes from your cells to your discharge organs.
There are more than two thousand “illnesses” which all have this as their prime cause.

Problems with your pancreas can express themselves in many different ways. Perhaps the most common is symptoms in the thyroid glands, including the fabulous “Hashimoto” – a most exotic name for something which, scientifically speaking, does not and cannot exist!
Another one, when combined with high-protein fried food, is farts so pungent that even your dog will leave the room. These can also severely damage your trousers (Am: pants) as you can see here.

Laughter aside, large volumes of highly aromatic nether winds can be a sign of insipient diabetes mellitus. It is a sign that it would be timely to apply corrections to both your diet and your emotional structure in your pancreas.

Sleep apnoea is very closely akin to snoring!