Side Effects


The root causes of snoring can be accurately described as sadness and desperation. These destructive energies accumulate and inflame your intestines, weaken your heart, block up your liver and confuse your mind.
As the transmissions open the lock in your pancreas, the suppressed tears will seek their way out. This is most likely to happen between 2 and 5 in the morning. Just let the tears flow and see how, over a few days, your body and your mind change.

For many, your spine will straighten and lengthen. You will both feel and BE taller.

Should your relationship be one of a concept instead of a true partnership (see Karma Singh’s newsletter archive for 20th and 26th January 2016 about this.) then healing your pancreas will help you both to dissolve it amicably or, if it is preventing you having a relationship, to let one happen.

Women will, inevitably, find you more attractive!


But look for the true heart which brings you lasting joy and leave the transient pleasure to one side. You may wish to look into “The Key to Luck” to find out how to manifest the perfect relationship.

Many emotionally deprived children become, as adults, workaholics. This is the compulsion to “perform” in order to “buy” love and nurturing. As the pancreas energy heals, this problem will also evaporate.

You are far less likely to have a heart attack. The blocked pancreas can cause so much pressure upon the heart that it becomes over-heated and stops beating. When the pressure is no longer there, i.e. you are taller and straighter, then the likelihood of a heart attack is greatly reduced.

It is entirely possible that your healthy life-span can be significantly increased. A blocked pancreas will gradually cause many other organ systems to lose effectiveness leading to premature death. A free pancreas will support the full function of other organ systems.