The Solutions


From the foregoing, it is obvious that we need to correct the dominant emotional structure of the pancreas and kidneys. Once this has been done, the internal tension which distorts the throat and produces the noise we all love to hear ceases.

This is, incidentally, why wearing a “Hangman’s Collar” stops the noise but night for night feeds the tension back into the pancreas with the potential to create severe problems later on.

Many people have already experienced the healing transmissions which are open source online from Karma Singh. These are available via

Karma Singh has made a set of special transmissions which correct the emotional structure of the pancreatic/kidney area. These are available as a set of download MPEG4 video files which can be played on almost any computer

Initially, the effects will be purely upon the physical level and the snoring could cease quite quickly. This is, however, by no means the completed process.
……..all of your relationships will become much more relaxed and fruitful.

It is, further, possible to enhance this process and, at the same time, to remove a great many other problems from your life and to set free your natural ability to create and to live the life that you always dreamed of.

From the company Harmony United Ltd., there is a special application of their Harmony Technology which, through returning the natural order to the resonance fields of your brain, causes destructive habits and belief systems to be deleted and useful ones to be enhanced. You can watch the video and read all about it here:

To go with the launch of “Why Men snore”, Harmony United has agreed to make both variations of their Harmony Headsets available to you at a special price, including both the Why Men Snore handbook and download videos

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