What (and Where) is the Real Problem?


If we look closely at the structure of the human body we see that there are two possible points of origin for the distortion of the physical form which reaches its greatest intensity in the throat and creates the noise that we all so love to hear.

Both of these points are not only anatomically very close to each other but also in their emotional resonance.
My book giving full details of this is currently “work in progress” on my computer. An abridged version which I wrote some years ago can be downloaded free of charge here:

The destructive emotion for the kidneys is loneliness and for the pancreas “there is not sufficient love in existence for me to get some”. (This latter, combined with the consumption of cow dairy produce, is the cause of diabetes mellitus.)

So, snoring and diabetes mellitus have the same emotional source. When we add into this the fact that the basic cause disclosed above also place great stress upon the heart, especially the ventricles, we see that there could well be a direct connection between this problem and heart attacks. Long term mechanical or chemical suppression of snoring could, therefore, lead to diabetes and even heart failure! The sort of dire consequence of ignoring causes mention in the “Introduction” chapter.

It is, therefore, obvious, that the only reasonable way forward is not to try to suppress the effects (the symptoms) of the problem but to eradicate the cause.

Following the notes above, we see that that which is necessary is to correct the emotional resonance of the pancreas, the kidneys and, because of the reciprocal interaction between the pancreas and the liver in order to keep the blood sugar level constant, the liver also.

This not only works but also brings a significant number of other benefits.